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Wolf Eyes are experimental music’s most prolific act—and most prolific meme makers

Detroit-based duo Wolf Eyes have been one of the country’s most important experimental-music acts for more than 20 years, but they’ve also developed a mainstream following due to their presence in the world of viral meme Instagram accounts—it’s nearly impossible to talk about the band without bringing it up. For the past few years, longtime […]

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Synth-punk pioneer Martin Rev and trip-metal explorers Wolf Eyes bring transgressive sounds to Chicago

The loss of confrontational front man and artist Alan Vega in July 2016 could’ve spelled the end of all performances related to transgressive duo Suicide, but Martin Rev, the remaining half of the synth-punk pioneers, has seemingly been on a musical pilgrimage, playing solo shows and making festival appearances across the U.S. and Europe. I […]

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America’s bad-vibe underground takes over Metro for a night with sets by Wolf Eyes, Pharmakon, and Aaron Dilloway

This bum-out extravaganza organized by Nate Young of Wolf Eyes suggests that if you stay focused within the underground long enough there’s a good chance you’ll ascend—at least enough to headline Metro. The Trip Metal Fest features a crew of like-minded outsiders who’ve achieved a modicum of success without doing anything to curry favors; the […]