The Chicago Reader’s nonprofit issue publication date is Nov. 24, 2022.

We are offering any nonprofits our 26x rate PLUS 15% off for the nonprofit issue, on any size display ad. Display ads will be featured throughout the Nonprofit Issue (11/23/22), and you can specify if you want to appear in a specific section of the paper (news, arts, theater, etc.) (we will adhere to those specifications as space permits).


Nonprofit rates
Base Rate26x rate26x +15% OFF (Your Price)
Full Premium*$2,950$2,220$1,887
3/4 Page$2,330$1,740$1,479
1/2 Page$1,400$1,050$893
1/3 Page$975$740$629
1/4 Page$800$600$510
1/6 Page$535$405$344
1/8 Page$435$330$281
1/12 Page$265$200$170

*Full Premium includes Pages 3, 5, Inside Front, Inside Back. 

Booking deadline is noon Tuesday, Nov. 15. Full color and design services are included at no additional charge, if needed.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Happy to hop on the phone to discuss, or you can set some time with me. — Amber Nettles